Apache mod_watchdog is required

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Some of you may take the lazy way of updating your linux systems by using yum-cron. yum-cron will perform auto-updates on your system when patches are made available. With some configuration, you can have this program only send you and email alert.

For those of you running an apache http server and have auto-updates configured. you probable noticed that your web site has crashed and will not restart. Check your httpd error_log file and see if there is an entry “mod_watchdog is required“.

Being that I do not wish to use the mod_watchdog feature at this time. I had the solve the problem by doing the following:

cd /etc/httpd/conf.modules.d
mv 00-base.conf 00-base.conf.sav
cp 00-base.conf.rpmnew 00-base.conf
service httpd start

Now all is good


Apache mod_watchdog is required
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